June 2023
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Three scores, & too few games ago, our foremothers put forth a buffet;
Upon these times old times reconsecrated;
Turkeys had been chased;
Our forefathers upon these hallowed grounds - busted butts;
Hard labors brought forth limited gains.  O contracted socialists.

She was on a tear!  So was she a she not she, another;
Conceived in Liberty - S&^%& — Dedicated to what?
English escapists quite our lot;
Our men not yet stirred 1910 near pre-Nazi Fascists of Teddy’s ruff it;
Quiet - contracted socialist — turned corn stores thieves.

How capitalism was born - Pilgrims’ Americana;
Ditch the lot - pitch the plots - reap what you sow;
Distant socialists had the paper;
Mashpees got peed - corn got shared - King Phillip got chased;
Sowams paddled & Robert Treat pared - joined the pickle.

Oh the labor - the labors & laboring!  She’s a she!  Indians;
Three sheets in the wind - pantaloons & britches - socks;
By the Thames escapism sought;
Our forefathers contracted socialism experimentally - did evolve;
The spirits were near as free as their bodies - their cabins kept.

Oh the labor - the philosophical eras — a mind & body divided;
Her cabin couldn’t be divided — all hell could break loose;
Rene Descartes who? An early Clintonian;
By the rocks of Plymouth and “brass” however - Marriage marriage;
No Clintonesque a marriage not a union - ’tis a couple divided - two.

Dear Mrs. Pilgrim - why didn’t your man’s work stay to for another;
Dear Mrs. Pilgrim - how did you plot your plats to keep your seeds sowed;
Heardn’t of soul & body divided;
Brave Mr. Pilgrim - how, how, how — co-industrious & to free;
Brave Mr. Pilgrim - first compromised escapists, socialists bound/papered.

She or the other she - not hell raisers of a later day - Marriage marriage;
Cabins to keep & lots to share — Out before Oliver Cromwell - Descartes;
Give me escapism - what is Liberty;
Groused about & saddled set in limited fashions — whose corn, how;
Oh, they had Liberty — but so some rival indians — who had Hell settled?

As these of women our earliest doth cast off their socialist shackles;
As these our foremothers set out co-industrious other than buffets;
Poor Ireland - OMG Oliver Cromwell;
Where were the men - first compromised escapists - marriage bound;
Where hallowed to consecrated an early all Americana set lot?

She sang the body electric before Walt Whitman engorged so many;
She sang the songs of freedom while still papered a proper guinea Marxist;
Religious freedom to emancipations;
He had but to keep as one in a body electric to keep a cabin not divided;
He had to but stir co-industrious pre-industrial & increase his lots.

What of the Puritanical She - & she before these she;
What of the Cooper Union emancipator to these foremothers plots;
Oh Hillary - so Descartian & Cromwellian;
Where doth King Phillip reign & how - was it about corn stolen;
Where quoth a biblical newly more original & Puritanical Pilgrimed?

To this day a she a she but at a Clintons autocratic rendered buffet;
A she not a she - a wife a spousal But! - BOGO “Two-fered” Descartean;
What is our marriage - married lots;
He cannot be divided - emancipated while papered unified - one equal one;
Squire Clinton - lesser Clintons - global Descartean Autocrats wanna bees:

Whose in the kitchen - who stirred o pot - who had to had to share their lot;
By earlier Clintons a needed a Publius - not Cromwellian, nor Descartean;
How can tables be set married yet not?
First comes Hillary - then comes Bill - not a cook in the lot - Mac Daddied;
Their buffeted buffets quickly served to distractions all feminist but not.

Turkeys were chased - women plucked too - men sowed seeds - butt butts;
Corn united after first dividing - sowers & reapers settled past corn theiving;
Our Pilgrims lots & plots to emancipation;
Our times call us to Hell and marriage post Descartean bent well bent right -
For marriage equality o served & how - how divided & lesser a Clintons’ it?

Of o warring to buffets & Berkshires not too far away - Pilgrims to Puritans;
Early shackles shed of papered guinea Marxists o early American Socialists;
To later emancipations otherwise evolved;
How she cooked & fared, or, how he cooked & fared - paired united;
Our terms became better limited - & yet many Clintons pared back paired.

An upon how it a she Clinton too Cromwellean - o pared Descartean;
An odd historical bunch of Clintons about Americana we’ve read stirred;
Why so many more bent to autocratic wants;
Why so many Clintons lored lauredly un-constituting irregulars -
It’s our Pilgrims feasts - O White House o cabin undivided — Not o Hell.

{now developing - may take the day to work out a full first draft}

[Post “now developing” - still maybe, but, above 1st draft of
Friday morning between about 8am and noon - as dated.]

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